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 My Two Week Leave

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PostSubject: My Two Week Leave   Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:07 pm

Yeah, so I'll be going away from this site for like two weeks. Well, I'll be on at night to check the posts and stuff, but other than that, you won't see me unless you plan to stay up late at night, which I don't advise you do. I'll be playing Fable 2 this week, got football practices, and game on Thursday. I'll be working on my Tale of Two Cities A.P. Book Report this weekend. I might be on this weekend, but don't expect me to come on. Uh....see you guys like next, next weekend maybe? I think I'll be like playing Fable 2 again next week. Just so everyone can get away from Andy a bit. XD Everyone needs a rest from Andy. :P Anyways, peace to all of the people that I didn't get to say goodbye to. If you need me, PM me or post in any of the things I normally post in. I won't be on the chatbox as much as I used to. will this turn out? Will anyone miss me? Doubt it. XD You'll all see me in like two weeks, so don't fret and stiff upper lip. :D Yeah...this is long.....PEACE! :afro:
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My Two Week Leave
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