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 Fangirl of The Dead!

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PostSubject: Fangirl of The Dead!   Sun Oct 26, 2008 3:37 pm

Fangirl of The Dead!
A Roxy my Soxy xD Production

Since it is the Halloween month, I shall write a fanfiction... A fanfiction of epic proportion! BWHAHAHA.... Ahem, anyway I suppose you can guess the theme of the fanfiction based on the title. Enjoy!

Brandon and friends sat in his living room, surfing the web. Tristan, Patrick and Tyler sat on his couch, while Andy crouched next to him. Tanner stood to his left and looked at the computer screen.

"What are you doing?" Andy raised an eyebrow.

"Its Halloween next week, I need to get in the mood with a good story." Brandon said, typing on his computer.

"Most people eat their weight in candy, but that could work too." Tristan smiled from the couch, his spiky red hair was defying gravity.

"Has anyone ever told you that you look like Axel from Kingdom hearts?" Brandon opened up another window on his computer and printed out a picture, he held it up and looked between it and Tristan.

"Has anyone ever told you that you play to many video games?" Patrick looked up from his book to ask his obvious question.

"Yeah yeah, anyone back to my story."

Brandon went to Google and typed in "Scary Story to set the mood" He pressed enter and clicked the first link. The site was called BewareyaoiStories, nothing seemed wrong with the site at first, so Brandon went on and picked a story. Fangirl Of the Dead, he skimmed through the story so his friends could hear. He got to a point that was some what scary.

"Upon that night, young Timothy stood in front of his bathroom mirror, only a small candle lighting the room. He looked into the mirror and gulped. 'Fangirl girl Kristy come alive, fangirl Kristy come alive, FANGIRL KRISTY COME ALIVE!" Brandon yelled the last part because of the large print it was on his computer screen. "And to this day people who look into a mirror and say Fangirl Kristy come alive will be cursed." Brandon finished.

"Whats that supposed to mean?" Tyler asked.

"I don't know, but I dare Andy to do it!" Brandon smiled.

"What, you think i'm afraid of some little story? Lets do it." The group of boys walked to the bathroom, Andy was infront of the mirrior.

"Well Andy, go ahead." Patrick smirked.

"Okay okay, Fangirl Kristy come alive, Fangirl Kristy come alive, Fangirl Kristy Co-- AHH!" Everyone jumped.

"What is it!" Tanner looked at Andy.

"My phones ringing." Andy grabbed his phone and opened it. "Oh hey Travis." He smiled looking at the others. Tyler grabbed the ohone from Andy and pressed end.

"Now do it this time." Andy sighed and looked back in the mirror.

"Fangirl Kristy come alive, Fangirl Kristy come alive, Fangirl Kristy Come alive." Everyone looked around the bathroom, Andy flipped the light on. "See, nothing." Andy smiled. "Well I gotta head home, see you guys tomorrow." He smiled and headed out of the bathroom and to his home, everyone else parted and left Brandon home alone.

--Later That Night--

Andy was laying in his bed, his eyes closed. The rain from outside softly hit his window, thats when he heard something. At first he played it off like nothing.

"Aaaaannnnnddddyyyy booooooooo!" Came a long, drawn out voice. Andy spring up and looked around, no one was there.

"Just the wind?" he asked himself. He turned over to look at his clock, 12:00. He sighed and turned himself over again. He almost jumped out of his skin, there in his bed was a women with long brown hair and a smirk upon her lips. He quickly jumped out of his bed and looked at here. "W-who are you!?" He was shaking now.

"You don't recognize me? You know Kristy, you brought me to this world Andy boo and now I shall bring you into mine." She sat up and leaped at Andy, taking him to the ground. Her strength was beyond ten men, he squirmed under her hold. With one thrust, she sank her teeth into his neck, causing him to go limp for a moment. She got off of him and sat on his bed, moments later he sat up. "Well Andy boo, you ready to go?" She looked at his blank stare.

"Yes..... My queen." Kristy looked at him. She took a picture from her back pocket and unfolded it, showing Sasuke Uchiha. She held it out in front of him, he leaped at it and snatched it from her hand. He held it and looked back at her.


Le` Gasp! Andy is a minion of the Fangirl Queen Kristy, ZOMG!!!!!
Chapter two sneak peak.

Travis backed up to a wall, he looked at his friends blank stare.

"Andy, whats going on? Are you okay?" Travis backed up to a door and opened it, not knowing it was only a closet.

"Oh Travis, I will not be okay without you." Andy suddenly jumped at Travis, sending him tumbling into his closet. The door shut behind them, and from there you could only hear Travis's screams for help.

"Andy!!!!! No stop!!!!!"

Lmao, okay hope you guys enjoyed the first chapter. The next chapter will hold more characters as well as hints of yaoi.
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PostSubject: Re: Fangirl of The Dead!   Mon Oct 27, 2008 12:25 am

YESH RAPING!!!....I mean... um yesh RAPING!

I hate Bee's there like, FLYING DEATH MONKEY'S!!!!! but that Monkey isn't death or flying it's a DANCING MONKEY AND IT'S MINE! <.< >.> >.< ---->
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PostSubject: Re: Fangirl of The Dead!   Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:16 am


That's right, bow down to me for I have a yaoi paddle for a sword and a paper crown!

Oh great, now whenever Jess is going to try to wake me up she is going to get a mirror and scream "Fangirl Kristy come alive, fangirl Kristy come alive, FANGIRL KRISTY COME ALIVE!"
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PostSubject: Re: Fangirl of The Dead!   Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:43 am

I simply loved it!!!! Oh by the way do you think you could add me in some how? ^^ Keep up the good work! Tooo Funny XDDDDDDDDDDD

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PostSubject: Re: Fangirl of The Dead!   

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Fangirl of The Dead!
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