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 Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please...

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Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... Empty
PostSubject: Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please...   Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 04, 2010 3:58 am

Chapter 1: Meet the Guardians

It was a typical day for the Guardians over at St. Paul's Catholic School, who have been guardians since they were in elementary school, today was the last day semester one which means semester two is tomorrow.

"I just can't wait for the new semester, can't you guys?! I bet it's gonna be fun, but without the homework and the teachers, you know, guys."

Nathan tackles MJ as he blushes madly and hides his blushing face from MJ by covering up with his head with the hood from his hoodie. MJ gets back up, dusts off her pants, and notices Hime and Hoshi rambling on about rambling on about something. She walks slowly to Hime and Hoshi and ignores Nathan for a little while.

Ongaku: Hey, master Nathan, the coast is clear, MJ is talking to Hime and Hoshi.

Nathan listens to what his Guardian Character Ongaku had to say as he slowly pulls the hood from his face as he feels that his face isn't burning hot anymore.

Thank God...the blush has faded away and now she can't see that I like her...or how embarrassed I am because I did something crazy like that.

His other Guardian Character Kusu had been sneaking up on him and said his reply of:

Kusu: Looks like a certain someone was blushing, do you, you know?

"I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't, I DON'T!"

Nathan sighs deeply while MJ is listening to her Guardian Characters Hime and Hoshi talk to each other.

Hime: Commoner Hoshi, do my make-up and try to entertain me.

Hoshi: Yes Ms. Hime, I live to help and entertain others.

MJ rolled her eyes and then looked over at Nathan while Hoshi was doing Hime's makeup.

"So Nathan, what were you talking about?"

Nathan sighed with his bashfully reply of:


"I apologize for not tackling you back, but I heard Hime and Hoshi were just...being Hime and Hoshi again, so I had to go check that out."

"It's alright..."

Nathan's other Guardian Character Kusu went up to Hime and said:

Kusu: Hey, looking good, baby."

He then chuckled with his signature laugh.

Hime: It's not for anyone, sweetheart, you'll understand...ignorant commoner.

She then scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Kusu: She called me 'sweetheart', she must want me!

Angelica, Jody and Talia all ran to Nathan and MJ for another Guardian meeting, with their Guardian Characters, of course.

"Wait up for me, guys!'re really fast, aren't you?"

Angelica quietly said:

"Not fast enough..."

Jody giggles.

"But that was fun..."

Jody's Guardian Character Kaori made Jody do a Character Change and giggled.

Kaori: Lady-Like, Maybe Like, Character Change!

Jody had gone through a Character Change and her eyes turned red as she randomly got her scythe got out nowhere.

The Character Change faded as Jody's scythe disappeared and her eyes turned back into green. She then blushes and says:

"I'm sorry guys, Kaori schnook up on me and made me do a Character Change which made me turn into her."

Everyone else sweatdrops and then doesn't say anything for a few more minutes... Meanwhile, Angelica's Guardian Character Gaka is quietly sketching on her notepad, ignoring everyone else as she sketches a picture her master, Angelica.

Gaka: Do you like it, master Angelica?

"Yes I do, well done Gaka.

Gaka smiles at her and so does Angelica, as she watches the others go rambling on about different topics. An impatient Talia sighed and looked at her feet, while she turns to her Guardian Character, Megumi, hoping to start a conversation with her.

Megumi: You know, Talia, if you're bored, the word on the street is there's a new kid on the block, he just moved from the United States and he sounds really lonely. Let's go cheer him up!

"Other than that, there's nothing else to do. Can we go, MJ, please? It's really boring just sitting on our asses, talking, we have a mission to do, let's go!"

The hyper Joker's Chair was eager to meet the lonely child, but had to get permission from the leader who was MJ, the Queen's Chair, Nathan is the King's Chair and supposed to be the leader, but doesn't like to do much work because he's a slacker, so the role of 'leader' was passed onto MJ.

"Sure, yeah, sounds like fun. So where does this kid live, Megumi?"

Megumi: He lives in between yours and Nathan's neighborhood and so he's close to his school which he's starting tomorrow, the one that's close to our school, but straight ahead, the public high school. That's what I got from one of the other Guardian Characters that lives with him, he's his master and we met at a park yesterday.

"So that's why you disappeared at night, Megumi, I was worried about you!"

Megumi: Yes, I know master Talia and I am sorry, but he invited me to meet him in the park since he knew that I am your master and your Guardian Character and that you're in the Guardians, he wanted to talk to me for a while.

"So what does this kid look like? And by the way, he's a teenager and he's probably gonna beat us up or something, like those teenagers I see at that high school when walking to school all the time, they threaten to beat me up if I even look at them...damn teenagers."

Nathan shudders.

"C'mon, Nathan, you're being a party pooper...and not even you can resist a mission, instead of stacking though some homework, that's why you joined the Guardians and because you had Guardian Characters."

AND because of you, I had to be force by my own will to join, but at least we have less homework to do, scratch that, more homework, how the hell did Ms. Crazy over there make me join?

"He may not be a kid, but he does seem like he needs our help and the Guardians can't resist a challenge, working with some and if he gives us some trouble, Talia's stepbrother can give him some trouble back."

"Let's get to it, then."

Talia stares at Jody as she calmly says:

"Sure...I'll go get him and you guys can go met me at his house when school's out."

"Sounds like a plan."

School was out and the Guardians had finished sipping their tea in the Royal Garden, actually MJ was the only one that liked tea, so the others drank Coca-Cola and everyone ate the chocolate chip cookies that Hoshi baked, she had even made mini-chocolate chip cookies for her fellow Guardian characters.

"So Megumi, where did this kid's Guardian Character told you where his house is?

Megumi: Well, earlier on, I told you that he lives in between you and Nathan's neighborhoods, so in between would be the neighborhood of Windmill.

"Windmill? Well, that will take forever to get there, but since you guys know what a slacker I am and always lazy when it comes to going to places that I don't like to go. And since Windmill is the neighborhood where River Valley is connected to, it shouldn't take that long to get there and since I know a shortcut it wouldn't take that long to get yeah."

A half-hour later...Hime groans and says:

Hime: Where the hell are we, I thought you guys knew the damn way...great, now my dress is getting dirty and it was imported! And my feet hurt...

Kusu: Well, 'sweetheart', you didn't imported that dress, you were born with it and all your looks and outfits are permanent because you were born from Ms. MJ's dreams...and by the way, you can fly, so how on Earth are your feet hurt?

Hime: Screw that...I guess my dress is ruined forever.

Gaka: It isn't dirty and what Kusu said.

Hime rolls her eyes and then quiets down.

Kaori: We've looked everywhere, except that old, scary house that is on the bad side of Windmill, that's got to be this kid's house."

Kaori chuckled and then watched everybody's scared reaction.

"T-T-The Jefferson's old house? Nobody goes there and the high school kids have spread a rumor that this kid named Oscar Maze died by just taking a footstep on the Jefferson's yard."

Nathan rolled his eyes.

"The high school kids are douches, Ange, they just made that rumor up to scare you and I'm scared of the high school kid that's about to open the door because the high school kids in the school that he's going to are total assholes to me."

"My step-brother couldn't make it so I'm scared and what if that rumor is true, Nathan? I'm too young to die anyways, for God's sake, I'm 11...and the youngest one here."

"Yeah and I'm 12, but you don't have to be crazy right now, we're almost there and me, MJ, Ange, and Jody are here, okay? So we're not alone."

"I'll be the first one to knock on the door and MJ will be the first one to talk, since she's such a dare-devil. No, can do it, I'm too scared to..."

"Okay...but I'm not gonna be happy about it."

MJ walked shyly to the old Jefferson's house and knocked at the door...when she knocked the door, a tall, glass-wearing teenager with brown hair and brown eyes opened the door with a bored face...

End of Chapter 1

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Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please...   Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 12:14 pm

Chapter 2: Introducing Tyler

" name is...umm...umm..."

Hoshi: MJ, you have a name, now Character Change with me to say your name!

Hoshi pulled out her wand out of nowhere and flicked it at MJ.

Hoshi: Starlight, Starbright, First Star!

Now MJ had a Star necklace which tells you that she has gone through a Character Change.

"My name is MJ, yes MJ! And I am in Grade 7 and 12 years old, and I am in the Guardians and I am the Queen's chair, nice to meet you, mister teenager, sir."

Huh? What the hell was that, now the dude is thinking that I'm weird...

Hime: No, commoner Hoshi...that is no way to introduce yourself to another commoner.

Hime pulled her staff out and moved it in a counter-clock wise direction and pointed it at MJ.

Hime: Loyal, Royal, Princess!

And now MJ had a necklace in the shape of a crown which tells you that she's gone through yet another Character Change.

"Peasant, bow down to me now for I am no mere Princess, I am the Queen!"

Hime: Excellent, MJ, yes, now that's a good way to introduce yourself, I am so proud of you!

Hime sniffed and wiped a tear from her eyes, as she and the MJ who has gone through a Character Change laughed manically in unison. Everyone (including Tyler) was staring at the Guardian Character and her master...and sweatdroped.

MJ had stopped going through a Character Change and then turned to the teenager and said:

"I'm...I'm sorry, mister teenager, sir, this isn't my personality and...and..."

The tall teenager looked down at her and finally said:

"I'm just tired from the entrance exam I had to take in my new high school and it's okay and you don't have to call me 'mister teenager', I have a name you know..."

"And what's your name?"

"Tyler, no need to be afraid of me, I'm not gonna hurt you, little girl."

"L-Little?! I'm 5'1", just so you know and I'll show you little, you asshole!"

Tyler sweatdropped and said:

"Sorry...and you and your friends are in the Guardians, right?"

"Yup! Queen's chair, reporting for duty, sir, I salut to you, sir! Sir, yes, sir, sir!"

Tyler just looked at her strangely with a bored face and said:

"Yet again, my name is Tyler..."

"Oh, umm...sorry, Tyler. And let me introduce you to my Guardian Characters. This is Hime and Hoshi."

Hoshi: Nice to meet you, Tyler.

Hime: Oh good, another commoner to boss around, I like this kid already!

Tyler just stared at MJ's Guardian Character Hime and raised an eyebrow at her.

"I'm not a kid, I'm in Grade 11 and I transferred to this city because my dad's company had to move and now he has a better job. Now without further ado, here are my Guardian Characters: Ryo, born from my desire to be more fun-loving..."

Ryo: Howdy folks!

MJ was shocked.

"A...Southern accent?"

Ryo: That's right, girly, one fine Southern accent.

Ryo smiles at her.

Megumi: I know you, you were the Guardian Character of this kid and met me at the park and also told me to go visit your master, your name is Ryo?

Ryo: That's right, girly.

Megumi blushed.

Megumi: He's so cute and charming!

"My second Guardian character is Shun, born from my desire to be better at sports."

Hoshi: Sports? I'm good at sports and cooking, nice to meet you Shun.

Shun nodded.

Shun: Likewise.

"My third Guardian character is Takumi, who's an artist Guardian Character."

Gaka: I like art too, and I was born from my master Angelica's dream to be an artist.

Takumi: Nice to meet you, Ms.?

Gaka: Gaka.

"My fourth Guardian character is...

"Damn, you have alot of Guardian characters! How many do you have?"

"Five and my fourth is Yukata, he's born from my desire to be better at public speaking."

Yukata: And to rule the world!

Hime: Oh hell no, I know that you're a prince, but my girl MJ is going to take over the world, that's what I was from, your clothes are so tacky by the way.

Yukata: No, I am the King and also I think you bought those clothes at a garage sale.

Hime: G-Garage sale? Asshole, and I am the Queen!

"Quiet and which is your fifth and final Guardian character?"

"Takeshi and yeah..."

Takeshi crossed his arms and smirked.

Takeshi: Halloween was five months ago, you damn kids, stop begging for candy.

"Damn kid? TYLER!"

"Sorry...and who are the rest of you guys and their positions?"

"King's Chair, Nathan, and stuff...I have two Guardian Characters, Kusu and Ongaku."

Kusu: Yo!

Ongaku: Hello...

"I'm the Ace chair, Angelica, and I just have one Guardian Character, her name is Gaka."

Gaka bowed her head and smiled.

Gaka: Well, pleased to meet you.

"My name is Jody and I am the Jack's chair and I'm also on the senior girls volleyball team in my school even though I'm too young for the senior team and I should be in the junior team and for the Guardians: a guy should be the Jack's chair, but no other guy wants to do the job other than Nathan, so I'm the Jack's chair, hello there, Tyler. And my Guardian Character is Kaori."

Kaori giggles.

Kaori: It is nice to meet you, sir.

"T-Talia! J-Joker's Chair! M-Megumi! Your house is haunted!

Megumi: Woah, calm down there, girl...Prey, Crouch, Tiger! Talia now had tiger ears which means she had gone through a Character Change.

"Let me start over again, my name is Talia, how do you do? I am the Joker's chair and my Guardian Character is Megumi."

Megumi: And it is nice to finally meet you, Tyler.

Talia's tiger ears had disappeared which means the Character Change had ended.

"So...I met all of you kids, it was nice meeting you guys and now it is six o' clock. Shouldn't you kids be home by now, I mean it's awfully late."

MJ hugs Tyler and glomps him.

"Oh thank you, Mr. Teenager! You're so awesome for reminding me and I don't care if you wanna get rid of me right now because I just wanna hug you, my new friend."

Tyler doesn't hug her back and just says:

"I'll see you guys tomorrow, your school is close to my high school, right?"

Nathan just glared at him and sarcastically said:

"Well, yes, they're connected to each other, so we're basically neighbours, oh joy."

"Okay, thanks, umm...bye now, stay safe now.

MJ and Nathan walked home to their houses while Angelica is at her house with Jody and Talia. Jody and Talia live far away from school and went to Angelica's house just to be safe and to call their parents telling them why they're late. As Tyler waves to them, he thinks in his head:

MJ and Talia are crazy little girls, Nathan seems like he doesn't like me and Jody and Angelica aren't as crazy as MJ, Nathan or Talia. Either way, I don't care if I'm friends with little kids because I don't have any other friends in the neighborhood because I just moved in to this big city in Canada away from my small town in Minnesota and I hope my new high school isn't as bad as I predict it to be...

End of Chapter 2
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Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please...   Shugo Chara Fanfiction~ Don't comment on it, please... I_icon_minitimeSun May 16, 2010 2:21 pm

Chapter 3: A Brand New Semester

At Nathan's house...

Kusu: Wake up, Nathan! You're gonna be late for school.

Ongaku: ...

Ongaku plays a cord from his guitar to try to get Nathan to wake up. While Nathan puts a pillow over his head and groans. After that, we can hear Nathan's mother and his younger brother Elias talking to each other.

Nathan's mother: Get Nathan up for me please, Eli. You're a good boy and you can get your other brother up for me, can't you?

Elias (in his sweet voice): Okay mommy.

Elias goes into Nathan's room and yells:


Nathan groans.

"Go away Eli, I'm way too tired to get up..."

Elias: But Nathan, you're the one who walks me to school, get up!

Ongaku eyes his master's younger brother as he sighs.

Ongaku: Nathan has been watching the Comedy Channel for hours, this is the reason why he does not want to get up and he was also watching a few minutes of the Music Channel as I recall.

Kusu: Good job, brainiac, you blew our cover...

Elias was stunned because Nathan's 'toys' (he thought they were toys in the first place) talked.

Elias: I want one! You're so mean to me Nathan, I'm telling mom!

Nathan opens both eyes and throws the blanket on the floor and he walks over to Elias.

Six years of hiding my secret that I have Guardian Characters and this happens...

"Eli, I don't have time to explain this to you what these things are we going to school for not? I'm going to eat my breakfast right now and I'm going to get dressed, so good bye."

Elias: Buy me a Nintendo DSi and I won't tell mom and dad, that's the catch.

Spoiled brat...he ALWAYS gets what he wants, whatever, time to go to the bank. Can't I buy him Legos or something, they're cheaper.

"Okay, okay, I'm going to buy you a DSi now, go away so I can get dressed."

Elias walks away from Nathan's room as he closes the door while Nathan puts on his blue Guardian uniform. (All the male Guardians were blue uniforms and the girls were red, the only girls that wear the red uniform are Jody and Angelica, MJ doesn't like the red uniform and wears the blue uniform because her favorite color is blue and she hates skirts and Talia doesn't like both uniforms because they go against her fashion sense.)

Nathan then eats his breakfast as fast as he can, brushes his teeth and puts his sneakers on. (He's multi-tasking, LOL.) He then gets Elias and walks him to school.

At MJ's house...

Her alarm clock beeps as MJ rubs her eyes and puts on her blue Guardian uniform and her shoes. She walks over to the kitchen, drinks her chocolate milk quickly and munches on her cereal. She kisses her grandmother on the cheek and says:

"Gracias por el desauno, abuela." (Because her grandmother only spoke Spanish.)

She goes to the bathroom downstairs and brushes her teeth rapidly. Then starts walks to school along with Hime and Hoshi while she runs over to school, she sees Nathan, Elias, Ongaku, and Kusu. She glomps Nathan as she says:

"Nathan! So good to see you, isn't this a lovely day? The new semester is gonna be awesome!

Nathan was shocked the surprise glomp.

"Yeah, I guess it's gonna be good. It's nice to see you too, MJ.

He smiles at her.

She also goes over to Elias and shakes his hand.

"'Sup, little dude, mini Nathan, Eli, Elias, whatever! Have a good day in Grade 1, because you're a big boy now."

Elias: Yay, it's MJ!

Elias hugs her as MJ thought in her head:

All kids love me and MJ loves all kids.

MJ snaps her fingers and then pulls out her thumb and index at Ongaku and Kusu.

"And good morning to you Nathan's would-be-selfs."

Kusu: Yo... Nathan's crush...MJ! And hello, Princess. (referencing to Hime)

Hime: I'm not the Princess, I am the Queen, you ungrateful joker! And MJ and I will get the Embryo before anyone else has it.

Hoshi (sweatdrops): Umm...what about me, MJ and you? Aren't I involved in this and anyways, we shouldn't be talking about the Embryo, we agree that we find it, we'll guard it for the rest of our lives.

Ongaku: ...Nathan did not want to get up this morning, and other than that, I am good.

MJ eyes Ongaku.

"He didn't sleep, well how's he supposed to get taller? Little Nathan, you don't want to get taller, don't you?"

Nathan rolls his eyes and sighs.

"FYI, 4'11 1/2", ring a bell? I'm almost five feet and I'm not the shortest boy in our grade, Midget Miguel is, but Fat Miguel is the tallest, but not the tallest, Nikolas is...but he's like one of the tallest, either way, I hate both Miguels."

"Poor pimpy, midget Miguel! He's like...still 3 feet tall and he's in Grade 7, I bet he'd fit in with the elementary school kids if he wore the elementary school outfit."

Nathan laughs while Angelica and Gaka run up to Nathan, MJ, Hime, Hoshi, Ongaku and Kusu.

"Good morning you two, still doing the same Nathan and MJ routine I see. I'm 5'4" as you know, but am not the tallest, Nikolas is, he's like...5'6", 5'7", 5'8? I'm too scared to ask him anyways, he does not like to be troubled or talking to people."

Gaka: Hello everybody, Angelica and I had a fine rest. How are you all?

"Yo and come on guys can have a tall-off, yeah tall-offs are fun. And I remembered when I was taller than you, why'd you reach your growth spurt faster than I did, you're so mean to me, Angie, I never want to see you again!"

Angelica and Gaka stare at MJ in unison and twitch a little bit.

"Okay then...and you will which your growth spurt soon, MJ, just give it some time."

MJ jumps up and down to Angelica's height and fake cries.

"Still not taller than you...and you have a tall dad...while I have short parents!"

Nathan sweatdrops.

"Shouldn't we get to school soon? I mean we're almost close to it and we just have five minutes left, let's make a run for it!"

"Yeah! Let's! That's the Nathan I know! Always thinking of the time and is cautious about it!"

"Sure, we'll have a little race."

Nathan ran like the Road Runner while Angelica speeds up to second place, MJ on the other hand got tired after a few seconds of running and decided to walk.

"First place, gold, how do you like that, Angelica?"


"So MJ, are you coming, ya turtle? That was way too easy."

Nathan and Angelica ran up to the main entrance of the school.

"You guys can run up to school, I'll catch up to you."

And so MJ, did...well, she was late, but she still made it.

A couple minutes later and in the Grade 7B homeroom... (If you're wondering about Elias and why did talk that much and where he is right now, he's in his Grade 1C homeroom and I plan something that makes Elias talk more in the later chapters. And for Talia and Jody, they live far away from the school and take the bus to get there so if you're wondering how they got there so suddenly, well, here's your reason. That's how it is in real-life too and me, Nathan and Angelica are the only ones in the Guardians that live close to the school. The end, I don't wanna type anymore.)

Mrs. Rivera: Okay, so we have everyone here, right? Good morning, Grade 7B, as you all know, today is the start of a new semester, on your tables, you will find the new timetables for this semester, have fun.

"Hmm...I've got some good classes here."

"Art! Cooking! Awesome! Those are my choices."

"I've got Woodshop and Band...not too shabby."

"Art and Band, yes!~ Better choices than last semester."

"Band and Cooking...not the worst choices ever, but it'll do."

In Tyler's house...

Tyler's mom: You over-slepted, Tyler Jon Marcott! Not what do you have to say for yourself? You're not making momma proud, right now.

"Sorry mom, the entrance exam was a little bit hard even for a child genius like me and some random kids knocked on my door saying that they're Guardians or whatever they are, well whatever, I blame them and the entrance exam, of course."

Tyler left his room and then multitasked like crazy to go try to get to school on time and his Guardian Character followed him.

When he goes into the school, he runs into a brown-haired boy.

Brown-haired boy: Hey, watch where you're going, nerd.

"Why, it's Dr. Tyler Jon Marcott, Ph. D at the age of nine, at least I know that nerds make it through life then the 'cool people' do, you guys are mere drug dealers, you'll be drug dealers when you're older as I Dr. Tyler Jon Marcott, Ph. D is repeating high school to prove my intelligence to everyone who are mere simpletons."

Brown-haired boy: Yeah, yeah, whatever, dude, you're a nerd and I'm a cool kid, unlike you.

Tyler rolled his eyes and kept on walking down on the office. At the office, he talks with the secretary.

"I am Dr. Tyler Jon Marcott at your service, Ms..."

Tyler reads the nameplate on the secretary's office.


Ms. Evanson: Yes, Mr. Marcott. Here's your school schedule and just one more last thing: we teach pretty much the same things that your old school did, so this school shall be no different than your old school.

Ms. Evanson hands Tyler his new school schedule.

"Okay, I look forward to being in my new school, thank you Ms. Evanson."

Tyler takes the schedule and starts walking to homeroom.

Teacher: Everyone, we have a new student. His name is Dr. Tyler Jon Marcott and yes he did have his Ph. D when he was nine years old but he's just repeating high school so he doesn't miss all of the years that he skipped when he got his Ph. D. He has been part of his old school's chess club and science and was the scorekeeper for any sports team. Would you like to add anything else about yourself, Tyler?

"No thanks, I'm good."

Ryo: Tyler, sonny, character Change!

Tyler now had a cowboy hat which means he had gone through a Character Change.

"Hey everybody, I'm Tyler! No, not Tyler Perry, the actor or John Tyler, the president, well, I'm Tyler Jon Marcott, the president of fun!

Oh my word...this is not want someone of my intelligence and my gifted education would say! I'm Tyler Jon Marcott, child genius, Ph. D, not a class one buffoon!

Shun: I'm in control here, character change...

"Another good thing, you simpletons, I'm good at sports, so I'm an athletic nerd, the perfect combination. Academics and athletics.

Meh, not that bad...but am I really that cocky? (Of course you are Tyler-kun! You're cocky and smart, at least in this fanfiction. ^^)

Takumi: My turn...character change.

"You forget one thing, I'm good at Art too!"

Even though I have an IQ of 200 and had my Ph. D when I was a child at the age of nine years old, I was never creative or artistic...I guess that's what Takumi is there for.

Yukata: Silence commoners, it is time for the true king to shine, character change!

"I will rule this school, then the world!

Tyler laughs in unison with Yukata while still in Character Change.

Well...I am smarter than everyone here, so this isn't an insult to me, I guess...I am the king of being smart and sarcastic.

Takeshi: Step aside, losers! Character Change!

"I also have done alot of drugs, got some girls pregnant and am an overall pimp that the ladies can't refuse."

Okay, worst Character Change ever! I'm not like this, I respect women! I am not a pimp! I am a child genius, Tyler Jon Marcott! IQ of 200 and Ph.D

Tyler bashfully looked at the crowd of his new classmates and sighed deeply.

Great...I just knew my day was going to be like this, every time I think such pessimistic thoughts they actually happen, that's why I'm a pessimist. Now some jerk's going to say something like...

Brown-haired boy: Weirdo, nerd, and loser! The perfect combo of un-popularness.

The brown-haired boy laughs uncontrollably at Tyler as Tyler's other classmates do to.

"I knew it...I just knew it!"

Tyler runs away from homeroom and runs into the park where there is a bench and sits on the bench. (The park is where Tyler's high school does Gym class, thus making it the school's property.)

Takumi: T-Tyler? What's wrong?

"Nothing...just being worthless and stupid like that guy in my homeroom just said I am."

Shun: That's just the regular high school crap that you'll have to put up with, young cricket. You were a really bright child and skipped high school, but you decided to come back to it so you're not really used to it. I'm sure you'll at least make one friend here...

"Nonsense...because I am a loser just like that guy said..."

All the five Guardian Eggs went black and had Xs on them. They turned into X-Eggs. Tyler falls into a deep sleep... (which happens when the Guardian Eggs turn into X-Eggs)

At St. John's School...MJ, the Guardians and pretty much everyone who is in Grade 7 had their last period of the day: Gym class. They were doing basketball inside the school. (It was February, so OF COURSE IT'S GONNA BE COLD.)

Coach Owens: All right, so it is a Friday, so you all know what that means, right?

Grade 7s (in unison): Co-Ed Friday!

Coach Owens: Right, so just for today: The Grade 7 Girls Gym Class and the Grade 7 Boys Gym Class are doing the basketball unit, let's warm up by shooting some hoops. Girls form a line on the right hand side and boys on the left hand side.

The Grade 7s line up to play basketball.

Suddenly Angelica's Guardian Character Gaka feels an X-Egg. (All Guardian Characters and Guardian Bearers can feel X-Eggs.)

Gaka: I feel a presence...It's defiantly an X-Egg.

Angelica turns to her Guardian Character.

"An X-Egg, hmm...let's go then."

Suddenly, Alizza (a girl in Angelica's homeroom and hers, MJ's, Talia's and Jody's friend who was behind Angelica waiting for her turn to play basketball.)

Alizza: Angie, who on Earth are you talking to?

Angelica suddenly sweatdropped.

"Umm...nobody, Alizza. It's nobody at all."

Angelica whispers into her best friend MJ's here.

"MJ, we have to go. Gaka feels an X-Egg."

MJ smiles at her.

"Let's go then, Angie! But...we need a quick excuse to get out Gym class.

Hoshi: I feel the X-Egg to, but from what I feel, they are multiple eggs. Which must mean that the Guardian Bearer must be very powerful.

Hime: Yeah, what the commoner said.

Talia and Jody were waiting their turns in line while Nathan just scored a goal on the net.

MJ stares in awe.

"Awesome, Natey-boy! You're so athletic, you amaze me with your Nathaness!"

MJ hugs him.

I'm crazy as her personality is, I'm just flattered.

Kusu: No Nathan! You must not drop hitting as to why you like her. Play, Laugh, Joke!

Nathan's cheeks were now turned into stars which means he has gone through a Character Change.

Nathan pushes MJ off and just glares at her rudely.

"It was no big deal...anyone could do it, EVEN you. A total amateur. Go away, you don't flatter me. And stop calling me 'Natey-boy', I resent that stupid nickname."

Nathan hands the ball to Gabriel, his best friend and the next in line.

He smirks.


...It's just his Character Change, so it doesn't hurt me at all! But still...I like this Nathan, this Nathan is better than the shy and calm Nathan. What happened to the energetic, just-like-me Nathan that LOVED to be a free spirit and carefree that I should used know? He's gone! Pac Man ate him! I'm gonna beat up Pac Man! I miss the real Nathan, damnit!

The stars on Nathan's cheeks had disappeared.

...No comment. I hope MJ isn't offended by this...

"Queenie! X-Eggs! Megumi! Now!"

"Let's go!"

MJ walked up to Coach Owens and politely said:

"Umm...sir, can I go to the little girl's room to do some business?"

Coach Owens: ...Just go.

Angelica rushed up to MJ and Coach Owens.

"I'm going with her, unless something bad happens. You never know."

MJ and Angelica leave to go outside along with their Guardian Characters.

Coach Owens: Okay, go.

Talia speeds up to Coach Owens.

"Art project! Left it! Can I go?"

Coach Owens (sighs): Just go.

Talia leaves with Megumi and catches up to go outside with MJ and Angelica.

Jody walks up to Coach Owens slowly.

"Coach, can I please get a drink of water? I'm awfully thirsty."

Coach Owens: Alright, go.

Jody leaves with Kaori and catches up to go outsides with MJ and Angelica.

Nathan smirks as he walks up to Coach Owens.

"I just gotta go, bye."

Coach Owens: Hold up, De Porter- Valencia, you'd been known to skip out of my Gym class alot, so you're staying here.

"But this is an emergency, a Guardian emergency, now can I go?"

Coach Owens: Fine, whatever. Seems like kids these days are super lazy when it comes to sports and being athletic, I hope Mr. I Am Athletic But Lazy isn't joking and fooling around with the Guardians and comes back to my Gym class, the same with the other Guardians. I only trust a few of them.


Ongaku: The X-Eggs are defiantly coming from River Valley High School...let's go.


"Ready for take-off!"

"Let's get to it..."



The Guardians run up to the park close to River Valley High School in shock that Tyler has fallen to a deep sleep. His Eggs are now X-Eggs.

End Of Chapter 3
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