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 Jurassic Park: The Lost City

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PostSubject: Jurassic Park: The Lost City   Jurassic Park: The Lost City I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 11:52 am

Chapter One

Run! That was the only thing he could think of. Running, and getting away. It wasn't safe where he was, he wanted off the island more then anything in the world.
He stopped, tired and panting like crazy.
"Dang it, Ed," the man said panting, "I told you we shouldn't have come here."
"Shut up, Bill, calm down." The other man replyed, also panting.
Bill then said, "Calm down?! Jason is dead! Our boat is wrecked! Those... things are after us! What're we gonna do?!"
Ed looked around and said, "I... I don't know. We've gotta get outta here, or else we might ge-- ack!"
Suddenly he was pulled into the bushes.
"Ed, no!," Bill cried.
But it was too late. Bill turn and ran, his legs burned. His eyes hurt from having mud in them. He jumped behind a large tree and tried to hide.
What am I going to do? He thought.
Then he heard loud thumping sounds, coming from behind the tree. He looked over to see, but nothing was there.
Relieved he let out a sigh, then he smelled something, like old dead flesh, it smelled auful. Then he remebered smelling it when his friend Jason was killed, and the same when Ed was. He looked around but saw nothing, but heard a low growl.
Afraid he ran, toward a clearing, but it was already on him.
"Nooo!" he cried, but it was too late.

2 years later.

It was a nice summer day. Bright sky, clear water. A nice day to be outside. A near perfect day on the sea near Costa Rica.
"I can't believe this is our last day, already." said Roxy.
"I know," replyed Anna, "Seems like we just got here, it just came and went."
Mj, Josh, and Tyler came and across from them.
Tyler said, "Once we get home we got to get back to work and stuff."
"Don't talk about stuff like that," Mj said, "Let's just sit back and take in our last day and enjoy it."
"Mj's right," Josh said, "Just have some fun."
Everyone was enjoying themselves. Talking, eating, reading. No one wanted to go back home.

Vince and Blossom were walking when they noticed Brody was on the back deck alone.
"Hey Brody, what're you doing back here," Vince asked," Everyone is up front."
"I'm reading." Brody replyed.
Blossom grabbed the book to see the cover.
"Jurassic Park again?" she said, "Didn't you just read that not too long ago?"
Brody said, "Yeah, it's great. I'm sorry, but it's hard to put down."
Vince asked, "But you've seen to movie a hundred times already, why read the book so much?"
Brody chuckled. "Well, the movie is great, but the books are almost always better then the movies."
Spencer came up next to them.
"Hey is that Jurassic Park?" He asked, "Did you hear the rumor that it's based off real events?"
"That's crazy talk." Vince said, "There's no way anyone could take dinosaur DNA out of bugs in tree sap in the late 80's. They hardly had computers back then."
"Hey, I'm just saying what I heard," Spencer said, "You don't have to believe me if you don't want."
Blossom told him, "Go away, Spencer."
"Fine." He said, then he walked away.
"Based on true events." Blossom laughed. "Yeah right."
Brody then asked, "Do you think it's possible, that it is true?"
Vince said, "Well, I doubt it, but I guess nothing is impossible. They've discovered animals that they thought were not real or extinct before."
"That's true," Blossom said.
"Yeah," Brody said. "Hey, look, it's getting a little cloudy."
They looked, and he was right, large clouds were starting to come in, out of the west.
"That's strange, the radio said it'd be perfect for the ship ride we are taking." Vince said.
Then they heard yelling coming from the cockpit cabin.
"C'mon, let's go see what's going on." Blossom said.
Brody nodded, and put his book in his backpack and fallowed them.

When they got to the cabin they saw Tyler, Josh, Asono, and Candy there too.
"What's going on?" Vince asked.
"We don't know," Tyler replyed, "We heard yelling, came up and the door is locked. Something must've happend."
Asono said, "Yeah, but what?"
"Whatever it is, they don't want us to know, I guess." Josh said.
"I hope everything is fine." Candy said.
Then the door opened.
"Come in." The captain said.
They all went in and saw the Captain, Hayes, and his first mate, Jimmy were both inside.
"We've got a problem." Hayes said. "We're lost."
"Lost?! How?" Vince asked.
"We don't know," Jimmy said, "The computer screwed up and set a new course itself, we didn't notice untill just now."
"So, do you know how long it's been since the computer reset itself?" Brody asked.
Hayes sighed, then replyed. "We're not sure, but we think from four to five hours or so."
"And you don't have any idea where we might be?" Josh asked.
Hayes walked to a map on the wall and pointed to a little area near an island chain.
"Around here is where we most likely will be." He said. "Or so we think."
"What about radio?" Blossom asked.
"We can't get a signal." Jimmy replyed.
"I'm going to go tell the others the news." Asono said, and he walked out of the cabin.
Tyler said, "But what about the storm coming? The boat might get damaged, or even worse, sink to the bottom."
"Then we need to find shelter." Hayes said.
"Captain, that storm is closing fast, but I found and island on the radar." Jimmy said.
"Great, Jimmy. Take us to it." Hayes commanded.

Before the knew it the storm was on them, large waves crashed into the sides of the ship. Jimmy was having trouble controling the ship toward the island. All the passengers were inside the ship's main room.
"Hayes," Jimmy yelled, "I need help, I'm losing control!"
"Give it here!" Hayes said, as he took the wheel from Jimmy's hands.
Jimmy took a step out side, it was slippery and wet, rain soaked him as he stepped out. He looked towards the island and saw it was near.
"We're almost there Captain." He said, "Not too much farther."
Normaly in situations like this, Hayes would drop anchor and take everyone to shore in the rowboats, but the water was to dangerous to go into, so he was trying to get close enough to get the boat in the shallow water. But there was danger in the water.
"Rocks!" Jimmy yelled, "Rock in the water!"
Suddenly the ship hit a large rock in the water. They didn't have time to think of the damage, though.
They were close to the shore now. Almost there.
Then they felt a jerk on the ship as it hit sand.
"We're on it Hayes!" Jimmy told him.
Then they ran out and went in the main building to wait out the storm.

When the storm passed everyone went out side. They saw that the ship was almost twelve feet on the shore, and it had a ten foot cut on the side from the rock.
"Can you fix it?" Brody asked.
"No, not here anyway." Hayes replyed.
"What about the rowboats?" Blossom asked, "Can we leave on them?"
They looked at the boats and saw that one was gone, and the other damaged.
"Great. Just great." Vince said.
"Well there's got to be a way off this island." Hayes said.
"Why do you say that?" Mj asked.
He pointed to a tower on a cliff a half-mile from them. Then said. "That's a radio tower, it's old, probably twenty years, but it means that there were, or maybe even are people here, somewhere."
"So we need to find them." Roxy said.
"Right." Hayes said. "Now go get your pack, bring what you can, food, water. And we'll get going. Jimmy, get the guns."
"Guns? Why do you need guns?" Vince asked.
"We don't know what's on this island, so we need protection." Hayes said.
Jimmy cam back out with a couple handguns and rifles, he gave one of both to Hayes and kept his.
The group got back on the boat and got their packs and supplies.
When they were back on the beach, Jimmy was splitting the supplies evenly with each person.
"Water, power bars, and canned food. Does everyone have some?"
Then, from the jungle behind her, Mj heard several low thumping sounds, and a few low grunts.
"Did anyone hear that?" She asked.
"Hear what?" Josh said.
"I didn't hear anything," Tyler said.
She heard it again.
"That, you didn't hear that?" She said.
Josh asked, "Hear what? There's nothing."
"Yes there is." Mj said.
Then she stood up and started walking in the jungle.
"Where are you going?" Josh said, worried.
"I need to see what that sound was." She replyed.
"Wait." Tyler said and turned to the others. "Guys, Mj said she heard something she want's to check it out."
He turned back and saw Mj was gone so was Josh.
"Oh no." Tyler said. "C'mon guys! There're gone, we've got to find them!"
The group started walking in the same direction Josh and Mj were.
"I don't see them." Spencer said.
"Just keep looking." Hayes told them.
Then they got to a clearing and saw Josh and Mj standing there, looking across a small stream. They looked at them and saw them with their eyes wide open and mouths dropped down in surprise.
"What're you looking at?" Blossom asked.
Mj's hand came up and was pointing across the stream.
The looked where she was pointing and all gasped.
"Tha... that's impossible." Lulu said.
"That can't be real." Owen also said.
But it was. The thing moved around, eating leaves and grass. It wasn't just any animal.

It was a dinosaur.

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: The Lost City   Jurassic Park: The Lost City I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 15, 2010 1:55 am

Chapter 2

The group looked across the clearing, amazed. The dinosaur they saw was what looked to be a triceratops. The three horns stood out on it's head. It's skin was greyish in colour, with brighter colours around the top two horns. It was large, but looked young, not yet fully grown. The group expected to see more of them, but they did not.
"Where's his family, his, uh... herd?" Trish asked.
"I don't know, but I don't care." Tyler said. He was very excited. He always loved dinosaurs, now he was looking at one!
"This is amazing!" He said.
"But, how can this be happening? Dinosaurs are extinct." Kylinia said.
"I don't know." Hayes said.
Vince took his eyes off the animal to look around to see if he could see more, but something else caught his eye.
"Hey, what's that over there?" He asked.
They looked over. They saw what looked like four flat wheels on the ground, under layers of vines and ferns.
"Jimmy, help me get this stuff off." Hayes said.
They pulled off the plants and saw what it was.
"It's a jeep." Jimmy said.
"What's it doing here?" Owen asked.
Hayes looked at the jeep, it was black in colour, with a red line going across the side. The glass was broken and it was rusty in some places. It looked to be at least twenty years old.
"Do you think it runs?" Blossom said.
Hayes replyed. "I doubt it. Even with some fuel."
"Where's Tyler?" Anna said.
The looked back, and Tyler was still standing there, looking at the triceratops.
"It's simply amazing." He said.
Vince said. "Tyler, get over here, it could charge."
Tyler walked over, but his eyes never left the animal.
"Hey, guys look." Asono said. "On the spare tire holder"
They walked over and looked, it was faded, but they could still make out the word, Ingen.
"Ingen?" Brody said. "But they are the people that made the dinosaurs in my book."
"Well it looks like the rumor you heard was true Spencer." Blossom said.
"Well, I kind of wish it wasn't." Spencer replyed.
"We should get back to the beach." Hayes said.
"Why?" Asked Marshall.
"Because if this island has those plant eaters, then it probably also has--" Hayes was cut off.
As he was talking, he heard a snarl across the stream, and then the triceratop was grunting loudly.
"What is going on?" Trish asked?
"Be silent and go to the beach." Hayes ordered.
As they were slowly backing into the jungle to get to the beach, they saw several other, smaller dinosaurs attacking the triceratop.
"Velociraptors." Said Tyler.
"Go back, go now!" Jimmy said.
As they left the clearing they heard the triceratop grunting in pain as the raports dug their six inch claws into it's side. Right when they got to the beach, the sound stopped.
"I think the raptors won." Said Vince.
"Sounds like it." Roxy said.
Hayes walked around, thinking.
"You have any idea of what to do, Mr. Hayes?" Trish asked.
He replyed. "I don't know. But if this place really was owned by Ingen, then it must have a lab or something. It may provice shelter, so we have to find it."
"What about the dinosaurs?" Mj asked. "Won't they attack us?"
"Probably, but if we stay together they may not due to our number." Hayes said. "By the way is everyone here?"
He counted everyone.
"Ok, eighteen. Twenty with me and Jimmy." He said. "We should get going soon, those raptors may have smelled us, or may come to investigate the boat."
They made a final check of their supplies, and started to move out.
"Ok everyone." Hayes said. "We're moving out. Stay together, and watch your backs."

They walked along the beach. Every once in a while they would hear sounds coming from behind the jungle, but nothing came out. Soon they came up to a river that ran inside the island. The land along the shore of the river was clear.
"At least we won't have to travel in the jungle to find the lab." Josh said.
"Yeah, but this is a big river, so something might come for a drink." Brody said.
They walked on for a time. They never talked, or made much of a sound. Some were excited to be here, but most were full of terror as to what may happen.
"Mr. Hayes?" Kylinia said. "Can we take a break soon? Most of us are getting tired."
"Alright." He replyed. He looked around and saw what looked to be a safe area. "We'll take a break over there."
The walked over and sat down on the ground and broken logs.
"Do you think this place is close by?" Josh asked.
"I don't know." Hayes said. "It could be just a few hundred yards further, it could be on the other side of the island. If we could find a road it might be easier."
"What about any dinosaur nest? "Vince said. "What if we run into one?"
"My best advice." Hayes said. "Run like hell."
"Captain, we should keep going." Jimmy said.
"Right." Hayes replyed. "Everyone here?"
Everyone looked around.
"Hey." Said Blossom. "Where's Tyler?"
"He's gone?!" Said Hayes. "Find him! Quickly!"
They all started yelling his name. But then.
"What's that?" Jimmy said. "Do you feel that?"
Everyone stopped yelling and stood there, they could feel the ground moving.
"Oh no." Hayes said under his breath.
Then, out of the jungle, Tyler came running out.
"Run! Run! Run!" He yelled.
The ground moving became faster, and stronger, and they heard thumping coming towards them.
"Go go go!" Yelled Jimmy.
They ran in the same direction as Tyler, along the river.
Then, out of the jungle behind them, a huge Tyrannosaur came out and gave a roar at them.
It was huge, at least fourty-five feet long, it's skin was brownish black. It's head was over five feet long, and they could see the large teeth as it roared.
"Oh crap!" Owen cried.
"Keep going!" Yelled Hayes. "Go toward into the trees."
Ahead they saw a large grouping of trees, close to each other. They hoped that the Rex couldn't get in after them.
Alexis and Heather were in the back of the group, the Rex was closing in.
They were getting tired, the dinosaur was still getting closer and closer as they ran. They were almost there.
Then they heard a loud, scream. They turned and looked and saw that the Rex had Alexis in it's mouth. It's head hit Heather and she was knocked to the side like a rag doll, hitting a tree. Then the Rex's jaws went together and Alexis' screaming stopped. The watched in horror as the Rex tilted his head back to swallow the body, her dismembered arm fell out on the side and landed near the Rex's foot. Heather got up and ran, with a limp to the group. Once it swallowed her, it's eyes turned back on them.
"G-go! Keep going!" Jimmy yelled.
They got into the trees with the Rex close behind. But it was cut off due to it's size. It soon gave up and walked away.
"Good god." Lulu said. "It... It killed her. It ate her."
"What... What are we going to do now?" Brody said.
"I... don't know." Hayes replyed. "I just don't know.
They looked at Tyler.
"What were you doing?!" Blossom said.
"I... I was just looking around, I saw the Rex and started running back, it must've saw me and ran after me." He said.
"Alright." Said Hayes. He sighed, then said. "We still need to get to the building, or else we'll suffer the same fate."
They knew he was right, they needed to keep going. They took one last look at the remains of Alexis, turned, and walked on, into the jungle.

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Chapter Three

The group walked on, in the dense jungle. They were tired, weak, but afraid to stop, since they saw what happened to Alexis.
"Do you have any idea as to where the buildings are, Captain Hayes?" Blossom asked.
Hayes replyed, still surprised as to what happened not long ago."No, I don't."
They kept on walking. It's been about four hours since they started from the beach. It was now about six o'clock, they will need to find shelter before nightfall, it was too risky to make a camp anywhere else. They've walked for several miles throughout the island.
"We've been walking for a while now." Said Vince. "If there are buildings here, they should be in a big clearing."
"Yeah." Jimmy said. He looked in the sky. "We need to get to shelter soon, before it gets dark."
"I don't want to spend one second around here in the night." Mj said. "I don't want to see what comes out at night."

They walked on, up a hill to try to see around better. Luckly, they found something better then a view.
"Hey look!" Said Trish. "A road."
"This could help us find the lab place." Said Owen.
"But which way do we go?" Brody asked.
"I think we should go this way." Said Hayes, as he pointed to the left. "The other way looks to be going to the beach."
"Alright then, let's go." Jimmy said.
They fallowed the road, hoping to soon find some sign of a shelter. But could find nothing for the next hour.
"We've got to be getting close now." Lulu said.
"I hope." Said Vince. "It'll be dark soon."
The light was getting dim, the sun was close to going down. They went up another hill on the road.
"Hey look!" Mj said. "That looks like the top of a building."
The looked and saw it was. It looked to be a large building, with "Ingen" printed on the side.
"It looks to be about a mile or so away." Said Jimmy.
"Then let's go, I don't want to spend another second out in here." Said Blossom.
They started walking toward the building. The sun was nearly on the horizon, it will be dark very soon.
Tyler checked his watch. "It'll be dark in less then 20 minutes." He said.
"Then we better speed it up." Josh said.
"Stop for a second everyone. Jimmy, come here." Said Hayes.
Jimmy was in the back, helping the injured Heather walk.
"Jimmy." Hayes said again. "Get over here."
"Yes Captain." Jimmy replyed, then he said to Heather. "Stay here. I'll be right back."
"Whatever." She replyed.
Jimmy walked over to Hayes, wondering what he wanted.
"Give me your handgun." He told Jimmy.
"Why?" Jimmy asked.
"You aren't going to be shooting a rifle and a handgun at the same time right? We might need help fighting off attacks."
Jimmy thought for a second. "You're right." He said, and took the holster off his belt.
Hayes gave it to Asono. "You help them if I can't."
"Yeah, of course." Asono said.
Hayes took off his holster. "Can anyone else use a weapon?" He asked.
They all looked around at each other, not wanting to step up. Then Brody spoke up.
"If it's alright with everyone else, I'll take the weapon." He said.
No one said anything.
"Alright, if no one disagrees, here you are." Hayes said, handing it to Brody.
Brody looked at it for a second, and put the holster onto his belt. It was more heavy then it looked.
"Let's get a move on now, people. Not much farther." Hayes said.
They started walking, and Jimmy started to go back to Heather to help her. But he heard something, like heavy steps coming from behind, in the jungle near them. Then he smelled a disgusting smell. The stepping sounds grew louder, and quicker, then he realized.
"Run!" Jimmy yelled, as loud as he could.
"They looked back and saw a huge dinosaur, even bigger then the T-Rex they saw, coming out of the jungle. It was a spinosaurs. With red skin, long arms, it's spine on it's back, and it's head shaped like a caiman's, it was a terror to see.
"Go! Run!" Jimmy said over his sholder again.
The group ran down the road, toward the buildings.
Jimmy moved toward Heather, to try to save her, but the spinosaurs was too fast, it picked her up in it's jaws and shaked it's head. She was dead, torn limb from limb.
"Oh no." Jimmy said, he turn away and ran with the group.
They looked back, and to their surprise, the spinosaurs didn't fallow, nor did it swallow Heather's body.
"Why didn't it eat her?" Kylinia said.
"It must be a parent, hunting for it's babies." Tyler said.
Hayes turned around. "Damn it!" He yelled. "Why did we come here?!"
No one spoke, they just stood there.
"Come on everyone." Jimmy said. "We can't stay here. The sun is almost down and we're less then a mile away from shelter."
They walked on down the road, toward the buildings.

After a few minutes, they stopped.
"The road is gone." Said Trish.
She was right, the road just stopped, less then fifty feet from a field of tall grass.
"What do we do?" Vince asked.
"We keep going, the building is very near here, just past this field." Hayes said.
They walked on, into the grass. The grass was very tall, up to everyone's chest, beisdes Trish who was on her sister's back.
"I don't think we should be in this grass." Brody said.
"Why?" Spencer asked.
"You've seen the second movie, right? 'Don't go into the long grass!' We should move faster." Brody replyed.
"Hey, you guys hear that?" Owen said.
"Hear what, Owen?" Tyler said.
He heard it louder, it sounded like a snarl.
"A snarl, I think there's something in this grass with us." Said Owen.
"Owen, shut up and keep up." Tyler told him.
"Alright." He said. "But I think we should with Brody's idea and mo-- ahhhh!"
They looked back to and saw Owen on his back with a raptor's big claw in his chest, and his side torn open with his intestine falling out.
"Good god." Hayes said. Then he heard more snarls. "Run, as fast as you can go. Go!"
They ran, away from the raptors. As they ran they saw
raptors raise their heads around them, one got up right in from of them. They ran around it.
Raptors were everywhere, everywhere they looked. They coud hear them chasing the them.
Hayes looked back, and saw the raptors slowing down, then turning and running back to the grass.
"Why are they not chasing us anymore?" Kylinia asked.
"This must be another dinosaur's area." Brody said.
"Wait a second." Spencer said. "Where's everyone else?"
They looked around and saw that Mj, Josh, Blossom, Tyler, Vince, Jimmy, and Candy were gone.
"Oh no." Said Asono. "We've been seperated from them."
Then they relized, it was dark. The others were out in the jungle.

"What're we going to do?"

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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: The Lost City   Jurassic Park: The Lost City I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 17, 2010 10:55 am

Suspenseful, haha, good job, Brody.
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PostSubject: Re: Jurassic Park: The Lost City   Jurassic Park: The Lost City I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 18, 2010 1:05 am

Thank you.


Chapter 4

They were sperated. The larger group didn't know if the others were in one group, or in small groups, or even on their own, alone.
"Where could they be?" Kylinia said.
"I don't know, it's too dark to see already." Hayes said.
"What about Jimmy? He has a gun, they could be ok. Right? Asono said.
Brody looked at his side, at the handgun.
"I should've let someone else have this gun, they could be in need of it." He said.
"It's fine, Brody, you didn't know." Roxy said.
"If they are alive, they will try to get to the building." Hayes said.
"But it's dark, they can't well." Said Anna.
Hayes looked back and could see the building through the darkness. Behind him, he still heard the snarls.
"Come on, let's go." He said. "If they are alright they will try to meet us there."
They walked to the nearby building, went inside, and waited.

Mj, Josh, Blossom, Vince and Tyler stopped running near a cliff wall.
"Those dinosaurs are gone, they gave up." Josh said.
"Where're the others?!" Blossom said, worried.
"I don't know!" Vince replyed, worried also.
"Are we lost?" Mj said. "How'd we get seperated?"
"This is bad, very bad." Vince said.
They looked around, trying to see or hear the others. But it is too dark.
"Alright, everyone calm down. We need to find the building." Tyler said. "That's where the others would be going."
They knew he was right.
"But there could be more of those monsters out there." Vince said.
"We've got to take the chance, Vince." Said Blossom. "You don't want to end up like Owen knowing you could've gotten away, do you?"
Vince shook his head. "No."
"Good. Anyway we've got to try to get there." Tyler said.
"But it's too dark, we can hardly see. And I can still hear snarling." Mj said.
"I can still see the grass field a little, over there." Josh said. "So we should go to the opposite direction and look around there."
"What if we run into another dinosaur?" Vince asked.
Josh then said. "Like Mr. Hayes said 'Run like hell.'"
They got their energy back, stood, then they walked on, into the darkness.

Candy awoke with a bad pain on her head, she reached for her head and brought back her hands and saw blood on them.
"Hey you're awake." She heard someone say.
"Where am I?" She managed to ask.
"In a cave I found, you were knocked down by a raptor and hit your head on a rock, you were out cold, so I picked you up and took you here." The person said.
She looked up and saw it was Jimmy, standing guard at the entrence of the little cave.
"What happened to the raptor? She asked
"I shot it." Jimmy said.
"Good. Thank you for saving me." Candy said.
"No need to thank me, I did what any person should do." He said and smiled at her.
"How long was I out?" She asked.
"About twenty minutes." He replyed.
"Where are the others?" Candy said.
"I don't know, we were seperated when the raptors were chasing us."
She stood up and almost fell over. Jimmy helped her back to the floor.
"You're still a little dizzy. Here, drink this." Jimmy said, then gave her a water bottle.
She drank it, then said. "What about the building? They'd go there, wouldn't they?"
"Yeah, probably, but it's too dark to see it from here."
Candy looked around the cave.
"What if something lives here?" She said.
"We won't be here long enough to find out." Jimmy told her.
Candy tried to stand up again, she got to her feet and got her balence back.
"You alright?" Jimmy asked her.
"Yeah, I'll be fine." She said. "But we should look for the building. Even if the others aren't there, it would be better shelter then here."
"Yeah." Jimmy said. "You alright to go?"
"Yeah, I'll be okay. Lets go. Wait, do you have a flashlight in your pack?"
Jimmy looked in his pack and found a little pocket light.
"Better then nothing." He said.
He turned it on, and started out of the cave, back into the jungle, with Candy close by.

"I can't see anything." Blossom said.
"I knew we should've brought those glowsticks or flashlights from the ship." Said Vince.
Mj stopped.
"Wait, a second." She said. "What about cell phones? I got a light on mine."
She took out her phone and turned the light on.
"I don't have much battery life left though."
Everyone else who had one took theirs out.
"Mines almost dead too." Blossom said.
"We still have light though, keep them pointed forward, don't point them at any sound, something could attack us." Tyler said.
The continued walking. They heard sounds in the jungle around them, but they tried to keep their minds focused, to find shelter. They pushed bushes and small trees aside trying to continue.
"This jungle is too thick, it's hard to get by." Josh said.
"I just hope we don't have to make a run for it." Mj said.
Just then, Blossom heard a low growl.
"Did... uh... anyone hear that?" She said.
"I think I did." Vince said. "We better move faster."
Blossom didn't hear him. She was pointing her light, and looking at what looked like a big dot in the jungle about fourteen feet high.
What is that? She thought.
She was inching closer to it. Suddenly, she could smell the terrorable smell she remembers from when others were killed by those meat eaters.
Then the dot moved.
"What the--?" She said.
It looked at her. Then she realized, it was blending in the jungle! It was like a chamaeleon!
"Oh no!" She yelled.
She ran to the others.
"Run!" She said. "They are in the jungle!"
They looked back and saw the dinosaur chasing them. It was long, about twenty feet or so. It was shorter then the T-Rex or Spinosaurs. Only a few meters hight. It was blueish on it's back, and tan on it's underbelly. It had orange and red on it's face, it's jaws were small. And it had small arms.
The group ran, as fast as they could. Yet the dinosaur was slowly catching up to them. They were tired and all the plants were slowing them down.
Then, as luck was on their side, another one of the same dinosaur came from the right. It didn't charge them, but the one chasing them. The chasing one gave up on them and charged the new one.
They looked back to see the fighting, but didn't dare stop. They ran on for several hundred more feet, then stopped. They were too tired to go on.
"What was that one?" Vince said, panting.
"I don't know." Tyler said.
Blossom took a drink of water, then said. "It looked like it was a tree, like it blended in."
"Like a chamaeleon?" Tyler said. "I read that those dinosaurs are a myth."
"Guess not." Mj said.
"If they are like chamaeleons, then we can't stay here." Vince said. "There could be dozens around here. They must be why those raptors gave up chase."
"Hey look." Josh said.
The looked over, and saw a side of a building.
"That must be the place!" Blossom said, happy.
"Yeah, and hopefully the others are there too." Vince said.
They stood up and walked toward the building.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Candy were making their way though the jungle.
"Do you know which way we're going?" Candy asked.
"Toward the building, I hope." Jimmy replyed.
They were afraid. They heard sounds coming from every direction. They had no idea if they were going to or away from the Ingen building.
Jimmy could tell his light was getting dimmer.
"Uh oh. I hope this doesn't go out before find the place." He said.
It was quiet, almost too quiet. They continued, hoping to get out of the thick jungle soon.
"Ack!" Jimmy cried.
"What?! What is it?!" Candy said.
Jimmy stood up.
"Nothing, I fell over something." He said.
Jimmy pointed the light at what he fell over, to tell Candy to watch her step, but it wasn't a rock or a log.
"Is that a... foot?" Candy said, worried.
Jimmy pointed the light up the foot, and saw the animal on it's side, not breathing, and a deep cut on it's side.
"Well, it's dead, so no need to worry." Jimmy said.
"But it's fresh, whatever killed it could be nearby." Candy told him.
"Maybe. C'mon, lets go." Jimmy said.
They walked past the corpse, onward.
"I hope the others are alright." Candy said.
"So do I." Jimmy replyed.
Then something caught Candy's eye. It was a light.
"Hey, look!" She cried. "Lights! It's the others!"
They walked toward the dim light, when Jimmy heard something shuffle in the plants near them.
"Run." He said quietly.
"Huh?" Candy said, confused.
"Run!" Jimmy then yelled.
She heard the fast footsteps of the animals, and started running. Her head started hurting from the blood pumping faster, she was slowing down.
"Come on!" Jimmy yelled to her, and saw a single raptor running toward them.
The pain was very bad, she was tired and hungry, almost out of energy.
Then the raptor jumped on her. She let out a scream.
"No!" Jimmy yelled. He thought there was nothing to do, his light was dead and couldn't see them. He ran on toward the building. Then he heard something weird behind him, like a painful grunt that couldn't have come from Candy. But he didn't stop.
He saw the others inside the building, waving him to hurry. Then a couple opened the door for him, he ran inside and fell to the floor.
"Jimmy!" Hayes said. "You alright?"
"I think so." Jimmy said, panting.
"Where's Candy?" Blossom asked him.
Jimmy shook his head. "She was with me, but I think a raptor got her. Sorry."
"I see." Blossom said, stepped back.
"Well, the rest of us are safe now. A few others who were sperated found the building, thank god." Hayes said. "Let's eat some food and get some rest, we'll search the rest of the building in the morning."
They walked into a smaller side room and closed the door.
"I think we'll be safer in this room, in case something comes inside." Hayes said.
They passed out some cans of pre-cooked food. They all quickly ate them. Then they went to sleep, untill the next day.

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Chapter Five

The survivors woke up to the the sound of a stegosaurs. They got up and went to the window, to look. They saw how peaceful it was. It was just standing there eating grass. It has greenish brown skin all along it's body. It's back fins and spikes stood out among the rest of it.
"If only the rest of the island was so peaceful." Hayes said.
Everyone nodded, remembering those of them that have been killed.
"I hope we can still get away some how." Mj said.
Vince turned away from the window, and opened the door out of the room.
Vince looked across the room. "Hey look, guys, it's a map."
The went out of the room and walked toward the map.
"It's a map of the island." Jimmy said.
They looked at the map, and Hayes pointed at a building in the north west side of the island.
"That must be us."
He pointed to the beach, south east of the building.
"That might be where we were."
"But what about calling for help? There's no radio here." Blossom said.
"Here." Hayes said, and pointed at another building. "This building, it looks like an airport tower, that must be where the helicopters landed when this place started. It should have several radios. And if none of those work, there's a boathouse not far from the tower, it might have a boat or raft."
"But it's on the other side of the island." Josh said.
"Well, it's either go there and call for help, or wait to be eaten by something." Tyler said.
"Oh, right." Josh said.
"Alright then." Hayes said. "We'll get ready to start out just as--"
Spencer cut him off. "No, no no. I'm not going back out there."
Hayes replyed. "We have to, kid, or do you want to end up like your other friends?"
"Screw them! Screw this! I'm not going anywhere! I don't want to leave to die!"
"Kid, listen--" Jimmy started.
"No, you listen, people have died. We could die. Why go to the jungle? We could be next!" Spencer said. He was freaking out.
Hayes grabbed his sholder and pushed him into a wall, then said.
"Listen here. I am not going to let you scare these other people. You will either come with us or stay here. It's your choice, but I'm going to try to save these people's lives."
He let Spencer go. Spencer looked at everyone, then ran off into the building.
"What about him?" Asono asked.
"Forget him." Hayes said.
"Are we going on without him?" Roxy asked.
"We are now." Hayes said. "Now lets go."
They got their packs, and left the building.
"Any idea how far the buildings are? Brody asked.
"About five miles, give or take." Jimmy said.
"Any idea on the dinosaurs?" Kylinia asked.
Then they heard a loud scream coming from the back of the the building. It was Spencer.
"Well they must be nearby." Hayes said. "But at least now a couple aren't hungry."
"Wow, that's cold Captain." Jimmy said.
"I know."

Meanwhile, on the beach, a small speed boat lands on the beach, near the wrecked the ship. Janquante stepped off the boat.
"Hello? Anyone here?" He said.
He stepped around the ship.
"Looks like they are shipwrecked. Serves 'em right for leaving me behind." He said.
He looked at the jungle. Then he yelled. "Hello?! Anyone there?!"
Then he heard a thumping sound nearby.
"What's that sound? Hello?"
Then a giant T-Rex bursted out of the jungle, and it ran toward him.
He froze with fear, then managed to say. "What in the f--" But he was cut off by the Rex grabbing him it it's jaws.
In the mouth he let out a scream, before being thrown into a tree and killed. The Rex then picked him up and swallowed him.

"Did you hear that? That scream?" Vince said.
"I did." Blossom said. "But everyone is here. I wonder who it could've been."
"Yeah." Tyler said. "Maybe we aren't alone here."
"Maybe." Blossom said. "But if it was the perv Janquante, that'd be okay with me."

They walked on. It soon became mid day. The sun was high and it was very warm outside. They were also running low on water.
"We'll need to stop and find a stream or river soon." Jimmy said.
"Right." Hayes quickly replyed.
As they continued, no one spoke, it was quiet. Almost too quiet.
Then, ahead of them, they saw a raptor eating the corpse of another animal. They tried to back up, but Trish tripped and fell. The raptor looked at them, and turned toward them. It came closer, but then, to their surprise, two arrows came out of the jungle beside them, striking the raptor in the side. Then three men came out of the jungle, one stabbed a spear in the neck of the raptor to finish it off. Then what looked to be a leader came to them.
"Who are you?"

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Chapter 6

"I will say it again. Who are you?" The man asked.
"Um... uh... I'm Hayes." Hayes said. "We are survivors from a shipwreck and are tryinto to escape the island."
"Well, if you kept going in that direction you would no longer be survivors. You would have gone into a raptor nest." The man said.
"Thanks for telling us." Hayes said. "Um.... who are you?"
"I am Bastian, I am the Prince of this island. This is my land." The man said.
"Really? Do you know a way off?" Jimmy quickly asked.
"Yes. But it is on the other side of the island." Basitan said.
"That's where we were going, to a boat house." Hayes said.
"Then I should tell you it is no longer there. But there is another, secret one." Bastian said.
"Is there a boat there?" Jimmy asked.
"Yes, and it should hold all in your group."
"Why haven't you used it to leave?" Vince asked.
"This is my island, I cannot leave my people." Bastian said. "Now come, you are all tired and need shelter. I will take you to my underground city."
"Thank you." Hayes said.
They fallowed the man, and his bodyguards untill they reached the side of a moutain.
"Come." Bastian said. And push a large round boulder to the side, showing a large cave. "It is inside."
They followed the men, and walked deep inside the cave. Untill they reached a stone arc.
"We have arrived." Bastian said.
They walked through the arc and found an underground city, carved into the stone. It was huge, several miles into the ground. People walking by looked at them, puzzled by the outlanders. In the middle of it all they saw a large building, the palace.
Then Bastian looked to them. "Welcome to my city."

"Wow..." Jimmy said. "This is just amazing... A city carved inside a mountain."
"H-How long have you and your people been here?" Asono asked.
"Many many generations." Bastian said. "My grandfather's grandfather's father found this island long ago."
"Has anyone ever come here?" Vince asked.
"Those men, how you say, Ingen, found us, many seasons ago."
"What happened to them?" Blossom asked.
"They left. The giant lizards got out and they left. They left in a great hurry."
"What about your people?" Brody asked. "How have you all survived so long?"
"By living. We do not leave the city. When I found you it was because we found out that you were in danger. So I went in search with my bodyguard." Bastian said.
"Thank you for that." Hayes said. "But how would you find out we were out here if you don't leave this place?"
"We found a member of your group." Bastian said. "Candy."
"Candy!" Blossom said. "She's alive?!"
"Yes." Bastian said. "Follow me, I will take you to her."

They followed Bastian, he took them to a what looked to be a barracks. Outside soldiers stood guard. Bastian walked inside.
"Right here." He said.
She was in a bed, sleeping. She had wrappings on her arms and stomach, where she had been injured by the raptor.
"Will she be alright?" Blossom asked.
"She will be fine after a long resting." Bastian said.
"Thank you for your help." Hayes said.
"You are welcome."
"How did you find her?" Jimmy asked.
"If you would like to know, I will tell you." Bastian said.


The raptor stood over her, with it's foot on her back, ready to send it's six inch claw into his spine.
"Help!" Candy cried. "Anyone help! Jimmy! Where are you?!"
Then a moving sound came from the brush next to them, and a loud, high pitch sound. The raptor let out a scream like yell, tried to cover it's ears, and ran off, but it's large claws cut into her back and arm. She was losing blood. She was also in major pain. She was blacking out, but still heard people around her.
"Who... who is there?" She mumbled.
"Stay still, we are going to help you." She heard someone say.
They picked her up and she blacked out. But the people who helped her took her to the city and to a room, and cleaned and covered her injuries.

(Flashback ends)

"We are thankful you would risk yourself to help her." Vince said. "But didn't you say you rarely leave your city?"
"Yes, that is true." Bastian said. "But it just so happens she was on the path we take that has a young man become a warrior, when they kill or defeat a lizard, a path that we use only a few times a Earth cycle."
"So she was at the right place at the right time?" MJ said. "That's very lucky."
"Yes." Basitan said. "I am glad she pulled through."
"Yes, thank you." Hayes said. "Now, tell us, will you help us leave the island?"
"Yes, there is a way for you to leave, if you cannot get contact to your people." Bastian said.
"Will you send one of your warriors to help us?" Jimmy said.
"Yes. I will send my best warrior to join you."
"We thank you." Hayes said.
Then another man came up to the Prince.
"Prince, we have gotten news, our scouting group was... attacked... only one survived." He said. "What will you have us do?"
The Prince sighed, then said. "That scout group was made up of our best warriors, I'm sorry, I now have no one to send with you..."
Trish cut him off. "But you said you would help us!"
Bastian then said. "You did not let me finish, little one. Since I have no one to send with you.... I shall go."
The man that told them of the scouts then said. "But Lord, you are needed here."
"The captians can hold their own, these people need our help." Bastian said. "The girl, Candy, may also need my help on the jouney, because she is injured, since I am also a healer."
"Very well, Prince Bastian." The man said.
"It is settled then, I will join you, and aid you." Bastian said. "But it is now dark, so please, join me and my people tonight, we will treat your wounds, give you food and water, and give you a place to sleep. We will leave when the Sun returns."
With that, servants of the Prince came, and everyone had their injuries treated with wraps and primitive pain killers. Then they were each taken to a room, each with a basket of fruit and bread, and water, and a bed. The ate, drank then went to sleep, to prepare for the next day.

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Jurassic Park: The Lost City
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