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 Chatbox Rules

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PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:09 pm

We need this thing for the chatbox. I dont want any drama in anything unless it's talking about your characters.

1. No Fighting - Please we got that enough with some of the other site, kind of dont need it now.

2. Respect others - If you dont like someone's opinion then take it to the debate topic please.

3. Tell your true feelings - If you dont like a certain person, you can just say it. Dont try to dangle the person around like a toy. Which is what happened to the other sites -Insert something stupid here-

4. Keep very secretive secret's to yourself - You really dont want anyone to black mail you do you? You can say secrets like, you drool in your sleep or you still have your baby toy when you were younger. Dont say personal Info unless you can handle it.

5. You can cuss, but not like a millions time in one sentence. (ex: YOU **** **** ****** ************* ***** **** *** to the ******** **** you ******) You will get banned from the chatbox depending on who you were saying that to A friend, a new person, or a character in the Rp

6. The Modz and you - If you have an @ next to your next, that means you have powers. Such as Clearing, Kicking, banning (Admin, Mod only), the /me thing (Everyone), adding @ and taking away @ powers (Admins only). Me, Rose and Brody choose who is an mod or not, no one else.

7. Have fun- If you dont, I can always ban you from the chabox if you wanna. -insert random face here-

I hate Bee's there like, FLYING DEATH MONKEY'S!!!!! but that Monkey isn't death or flying it's a DANCING MONKEY AND IT'S MINE! <.< >.> >.< ---->
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Chatbox Rules
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