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 The Hopeful Plan

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PostSubject: The Hopeful Plan   The Hopeful Plan I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 30, 2009 12:47 am

Alright, so I stop repeating myself, (Which I seem to be doing a lot, curse my OCD) I'll post what we hope to do right here. Not really in any order, just what I think we should do.

1) We let Kristy finish her vacation with as much peace as possible. Try not to trouble her anymore.

2) We keep our hopes up and try to continue with everyone together, and, if possible, the RPG.

3) When Kristy is home from her trip, we ask her if we can try to restore the RPG and continue where we left off, minus a few characters.

Hopefully this'll work, and we can continue as we were before. Playing the RPG, talking in the chatbox, and playing the games in Spam.

4) If it, sadly, doesn't work, we should try our best to continue on the replacement site. We are making it to have all what the other site had. If we can just get everyone to go on there, if the restore doesn't work, we can do the RPG and talk. It'll be different for a little while, but it's the second best thing we can do.

The Hopeful Plan Fs
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The Hopeful Plan
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