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 Rules to Role-playing games

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PostSubject: Rules to Role-playing games   Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:33 am

1. No Spamming
Please dont spam it annoys other eipeascaly me! You'll have warning. It depans on how much the other member's likes you. You will be banned from the site. I maybe a day...month....or maybe even elvalasting.
2. Dont start fight
If you start a fight you will be banned unless I say you can. Because every fight someone will try to over power their character. If you over power your character you will be banned.
3. What the Admins, Host, and Mods say goes
Do whatever they say unless you want to be banned. If they say dont do this and you do it always. Your in trouble.
4. No godmodding
No godmodding what so ever. Godmodding is when you have your character with unrealistic strength, try and make things equal with others. You have to have your character struggle with at least something, nobody in this world can be good at everything.
5. Character amount
If we dont have a lot of people coming in then some of you guys can have 2 character's or more. But ask me first.
6.Make Your Character's actions understanding
Do not have your character(s) randomly popping things out of the air and make your words be the truth, do not have them saying things like the president is a monkey. You should know things like what I just listed never happen, so lets keep it that way.
7. Have fun
If your staying around here mad and saying you want to leave. THEN LEAVE WE DONT NEED YOU!!!!!!


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Rules to Role-playing games
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